SWITCH HAHWA by ナナ on Flickr.

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Mona wanted to take a picture of herself with her new hairdo~


She’s wearing an adorable dress that I bought from Kleincrew last winter. If I get off my lazy butt sometime today, I’ll actually take some full pictures of it. :D

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Hannibal cosplay by Amadiz on Flickr.

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pink rococo by koroa on Flickr.

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* * * by *TatianaB* on Flickr.

* * *

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miyukichanbjd replied to your post: I want to order some outfits for Mona …

Have you tried bhiner? Their agent fee is only 5% and personally, I had a really good experience with them.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look them up. Their fees are a definitely cheaper than the other ones I found. :)

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I want to order some outfits for Mona and Aurelio off of Taobao eventually, but I’m can’t seem to find a good agent that’s dependable and inexpensive. I’ve also heard some bad things about Yoybuy and Taobaobuying, so I’d rather not work with them. Hmm…

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So I was at DPNY this past weekend and had tons of fun! Of course I took like no pictures other then at the photo sets (which were gorgeous!)

The amazing ramen shop was graciously supplied by the Doll North crew and was insanely detailed. I swear if I could I would smuggle that set back with me hahahah.

Dolls belong to me, Kersuru, Tolin, ErrorAuthor, & Icaruslovemedly 

Also thank you everyone who came up to me to say hi!! I totally did not expect it at all and it completely made my weekend <3

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I was looking at Resinsoul Mei…and I thought about the layaway and with shipping and everything the payments would be around $56 dollars each (three of them) and with the money from my side job and from camming I would have enough to easily pay for it but I keep getting stuck on the dilemma of do…

Sorry if I’m overstepping my boundaries at all (I know you don’t know me well), but I really do think you should get the Mei if you want her that much. Please remember that you are important too, and it’s not selfish at all to want something that would make you happy, especially when you’re going through such a tough time. Please take care! :)

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Ersa Flora’s 500 Followers Giveaway

What can you get?

20 people will Receive:

1 free pair of random Ersa Flora eyes in your choice of size (8mm ~22mm)

You can request pupil or no pupil and let me know what colors you like or dislike but please understand it is a random pair from my pre-made stock & and I may not be able to give you the color you want or style but I will try my best! <3


Winner pays shipping only

($2.10 in usa, $7.10 anywhere else for first class mail)

I will be choosing from Reblogs.

like and reblog this as many times as you want, winners are being chosen by a generator so the more you reblog the better chances you have!

Must be following me “ersa-flora” at time of drawing winner to enter as the winner will be chosen from followers.

I will post the winners on my tumblr and have my ask box open after I hit 500 so you can contact me. 

Thank you :)

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Help Me and My Family Move to a Safe Place

I feel like I don’t deserve to ask for this, but I also worry that something may change and my children will begin to be hurt emotionally or physically. I know so many more people have it worse than I and I hate to ask this. I have all the information up on the GoFundMe Page if you would like to read it. Above are pictures of me, and pictures of my two beautiful daughters. 

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I have reached 100 followers and In honor of you all I have decided to do a RAPID FIRE giveaway! What’s that? I will be shooting out as many prizes as possible for 5 days! There will be a major prize everyday but I will also be posting random small prizes everyday!

What are the prizes?

Day 1: Resin soul Mei head in WS
Day 2: Custom crafted prop worth less than $15 
Day 3: Custom faceup by me
Day 4: Custom clothing item by me
Day 5: Complete custom made outfit worth les than $50 

(All items are for bjd dolls!)

For custom items please understand that it may take some time to finish each piece. I will remain in contact with you until your item is finished.

Who is eligible?
anyone who is following me!

How do I enter?
If you are following me you have already been entered once! To gain more entries you can reblog with a comment about someone or someone’s dolls, whom you admire, in the bjd community

If you do not wish to be involved in the contest or you do not want your prize please message me :)

I will message those who win and give them 24 hours to respond! If there is no response I will guess that you do not want the prize and the offer will be GONE. I will not be redrawing. All unclaimed prizes will be given away in later giveaways. I will mail prizes at the end of the five day timeline! I will pay for shipping of all the minor prizes but I will as you to cover shipping if you win a grand prize! Shipping will cost you no more than $6.00. If you live outside of the USA I will ask that you pay shipping. Ok I don’t think I forgot anything! Have fun!

Here’s my entry~

We’ve never talked before, but I love charlietheskonk’s Isaac! I’m a big fan of her photostories. :D

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Fight_4 by Leimrei on Flickr.

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Volks-Lieselotte~faceup~ by saya。 on Flickr.

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Hien faceup by Meadowdolls on Flickr.

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